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Tuesday 28th May
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Goede dag from the Netherlands

A nature park near Sintjohannesga in Friesland

where we liveWe have been to Douwepolle. It is a nature park close to our village, approximately 3 kilometres. We went in a boat over the water. We came on a swamp field. The park ranger told something about the swamp. Do you go to the woods or somewhere else, once in a while?

We must also make questions, looking how warm the water might be ... How many animals live in the water...

Emails from Sintjohannesga

windmill Our town/village is called sint-jut. There live about 1000 people. There are 2 schools, They are named: de Schakel en de Trieme. The last one is our school. We have 4 sportclubs in our village: gymnastics, soccer, tennis, volleyball. In the centre there is a shop. You can buy all kinds of groceries over there. There is a mill. The mill was pumping water away. Our village is close by the biggest lake of the Netherlands. I will send a few fotos in this message.

The biggest town in the neighbourhood is Heerenveen. They have a fantastic soccer team. They play in the European-league. They defeated an Israeli team (Maccabi Petach Tikva).

Saint Martinus' Day and Sinterklaas

We have the festival Sint Maarten. We celebrate this on 11 November. We go to the people in the village. We sing songs. We get candy, money and fruit.

We celebrate Sinterklaas (Sint Nicolaas). His brithday was on 5 December.

Friesland Teaching Award

teaching award
We have won the second prize in the teaching award of Friesland. The award ceremony was in the capital state building.

Here we are holding the Friesland Award.

Snow in Sintjohannesga

In the Netherlands it is winter. There is now snow - approximately 5 centimetres. ... We play snow fights against other children. We make a large snowball and then we throw it at someone.

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We would like to thank the Netherlands Board of Tourism for the top photograph

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