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Monday 5th June
Hello from Solomon Islands

Partners are from all over the world including Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Italy, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America and Uzbekistan.

Hello from Solomon Islands

students using the InternetEmails from the Youthfirst Centre, Solomon Islands

We are happy to communicate with all different types of people around the world. Please add Solomon Islands to your lists.

At the moment our internet and email training is still on. We will be compeleting our last lesson tomorrow.

Emails from the Solomon Islands

I am glad to hear from you once again. I'm interested to read few of your class letters. Please could you send them to me?

... I also would like to know some of the things you think my students can contribute to this programme.

Solomon Islands People First Network

Where other forms of communications do not exist or are prohibitively expensive, the PFnet community email stations are the only link with the outside world, either to ensure health security, public services, education, or essential contacts with family and professional peers.

young girl from the SolomonsThe only recent technology that helps the rural populace is the Internet. It brings people close to each other. It brings the world close to our door steps and makes the universe small and within our reach. It makes us understand that despite our remoteness we are still part of the one global society. We support PFNET and stand to salute the programme well done. (From The Information Society, by the community of PFnet Silolo, Malaita).

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We would like to thank Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau and the Solomon Islands People First Network for the photographs

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