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Friday 2nd June
Hi from Puerto Rico

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Emails from a teacher from Puerto Rico

beachI am from the interior part of Puerto Rico called Arecibo. The Arecibo Observatory has the world's largest single-dish radio telescope.

San Juan is very beautiful ... but the cities are not nearly as beautiful as the mountains, beaches, streams and forests.

... the sand on the beaches is white and the rainforest (El Yunque) is breathtaking.

Emails about Puerto Rico

The culture itself is very laid back. There is a hammock at every house ... many houses are multi-colored.

Most Puerto Ricans are very friendly people and most speak English as well. They are very, very proud of their culture.

Puerto Rico is very beautiful and has a very enriching culture.

Emails about food in Puerto Rico

We call our food cocina criolla. It is a mixture of Taino Indian, Spanish, Latin American, African and American food.

We grow lots of fruit and we love American ice cream.

There are bakeries and side stands everywhere along the road sides and beaches - the pastries are delicious.

Information about San Juan

colonial buildingSan Juan has very good coffee shops selling different pastries.

There are lovely shops in the Old City of San Juan and the style is Spanish Mexican American.

The Old City is on the World Heritage list.

Puerto Ricans are a welcoming people and like visitors to Puerto Rico, especially as it is good for our economy.

Email from a teacher in Puerto Rico

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