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Friday 2nd June
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Oshili ngiini from NAMIBIA

Namibian landscapeThe partner school in Namibia is situated in a rural area. The nearest town is Rundu, the capital of the Kavango Region. There are around seven hundred students in the school and approximately six hundred boys and girls live in the school hostel during term time.

Introductory email

It is great to have received a mail from you and hear that you are interested to share your culture with us. Likewise, we are also prepared to share our culture with you, and so we learn from one another so that we build a strong relationship based on unit of purpose. ... By the way, I teach Biology.

Email from a teacher in Namibia

... In Namibia there are many of these types of celebration, because we are a diverse society as far as culture is concerned.

Now, it is Okalo time in the Oshiwambo community. During this time, people extract juice from marula fruits and prepare it until it becomes ready to drink. People move from one household to the other looking for this very juice. ... Happy Okalo.

Email about language

NamibiaTo say hello in Namibia depends from which community or tribe one has come from. In my own language which is Oshiwambo (the dominant group that makes about 50% of the total Naimibian population) we say hello by saying Ongiini? which is a slang and short cut of oshili ngiini? - how is it? However, you don't say ongiini to an elderly person but to people of your age or younger

In Namibia there are many different languages and dialects. There are 13 political regions and there more than two tribes in each, sometimes even up to seven.

I am working with grade 12 and 11 leaners who just got exposed internet late last year. Their average age is 17. We are all learning to be comfortable and conversant using the internet.

Email from a student in Namibia

I am an 18 year old boy doing my grade 12. I really appreciate your offer and I am happy to join your project. I am looking forward to receiving your next email.

Email about the students

The students I teach come from a variety of backgrounds, some are still struggling to speak and write better English. Most of them speak Namlish - Namibian English. My students are very friendly and willing to learn from others. They are more than willing to participate in the Discussion Board.

Email from the teacher in Namibia

I must tell you that I am very delighted to receive so many letters from you and your class. Today, we are celebrating Women's Day, UNESCO international day. Our school is an associated school of UNESCO, and we are learning a lot through it. On the 21st of March, we are going to celebrate our 14th independence day.

Here we are preparing our 14th independence anniversary that will tke place on the 21st of this month. School in Namibia will have this coming Friday and Monday off.

Technical problems

I am sorry that I could respond to your mails, our machine has a problem. I can hardly use the internet. We send in the machine for repair and our exchange programme can continue as soon the machine is okay.

Email from the teacher in Namibia

It has rained heavily here, and some of the community are being evacuated from the threat of flood water. But there are a lot of fish, so some community members are celebrating.

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