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Wednesday 22nd March
Halo from Indonesia

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dancer from BaliTwo teachers from Indonesia are active on the Discussion Board. Contributions include postings on Road Safety.

Email from Indonesia

... please give me further information. We have a plan to invite the parents, to come to school in order to explain what their children are doing.

Email about book week

During the last term of study, our school has special week events: book week, science week, sport week, etc.

During the book week celebration our program is full of activities related to particular books.

We have story telling sessions and there is even a parade where students wear costumes based on the characters in the book that they've read.

Posting on the Discussion Board

I'm from Indonesia - so far away, but I want to communicate with you. How is it there? It is hot here. ... It is election time for the new government (April). By the way I'm a teacher of the Indonesian language.

Information about parent participation

Today my class has a program about how to appreciate our parents' jobs. The parents will come to school and give their experiences about their jobs. Students will ask them why and how they get a job. After that the students will make a report. Some of parents give moral messages, like commitment, hard work, and honesty.

26 December 2004 - quake and tsunami in Indonesia

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