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Wednesday 22nd March
Terve from Finland

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Terve from FINLAND

Email from Joensuu, Finland

Good morning from cold Joensuu - 17C (December). Thanks for the information about your project.

We had our Independence Day on Monday and had a holiday from school.

Email about ENO and the WWW Panda Award 2004

Today our project (ENO) received the WWF Panda Award 2004. The jury consisted of people in WWF Finland and other national experts.

According to the chairman of the jury the ENO Programme is not only sitting at the computer but going out and doing some concrete actions for the environment, like planting trees. The jury was also impressed with our global and active network. They saw that the ENO Programme increases mutual understanding when it comes to national and international environmental problems and is an excellent way to improve environmental education in the world.

With the prize money we will improve our website and services as well as share more information about ENO.

ENO - Environment Online is a global web school for environmental awareness where currently 180 schools in 68 countries study environmental issues throughout the school year on a weekly basis.

Emails about the weather in Joensuu

school Winter in Finland Today is the shortest day of the year here in Finland. The daylight time is short. In the North the sun even doesn't rise.
Spring in Finland Even though it should be spring you cannot find it here in Finland. Snow depth varies from 20-100 cm. This Monday morning temp was -16 Celsius, in the afternoon about -2 C.

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