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Thursday 7th July
Dobar dan from Croatia - Page Two

Dobar dan from CROATIA

Emails from pupils in Slavonski Brod

Croatia is a small country, located in eastern Europe. There are about five million people in Croatia. Slavonski Brod is in the north-east region of Croatia.

I think that Slavonski Brod is a beautiful town. It is on the coast of the river Sava. The view on Sava is very beautiful and because of it my town is very beautiful.

Our school is the oldest of all schools in Slavonski Brod and has very strict rules which must be respected by students and teachers. Some of those rules are that smoking and violence aren't allowed at school. We fight against violence working in the organization S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere) and I'm also a member. We don't wear school uniforms.

pupils from Slavonski Brod Our lectures are always correct, they are fun and instructive. Our teachers don't let us go early because they want to explain the lessons in the best way, and that takes a lot of time. I hope that I will, thanks to that way of teaching, succeed and achieve good results.

Our school also has excellent results in sports competitions.

The name of my school is "Ivan Goran Kovacic". There about 509 students. I study History, Maths, Geography, English, P.E., Science, Religion, Music, Croatian language, Art and Technical Education.

I've been learning English for 2 years now. My English teacher Rozalija teaches us many interesting things, but the best thing is to write a letter to friends and learn English for useful purpose. English is, of course, my favourite subject, but I like all school subjects.

Email from a pupil about the school holidays

I have two trips coming up. I'm going to Rogoznica soon, where I'm staying for a month at my grandparents. It takes me five minutes to get to the beach and 30 minutes to the nearest town Primosten. I recommend this trip to Rogoznica because it is a beautiful place for vacation. I usually go there for my summer vacation. Last summer we went to Split to visit my aunt and cousins. ... We saw the Diocletian Palace. It was amazing.

News from Croatia

Yesterday two young people (a boy of 20 and a girl of 18) got killed by the land mine not far away from the center near the Sava River. The mine was left after the war, there are thousands of them everywhere in Croatia. They probably didn't see the warning.

All Saints Day (1 November)

Today is the All Saints' Day when we remember our late relatives and friends, go to the cementary, put flowers and light candles on their graves, pray for their souls. The cementary is especially impressive at night; thousands of lights are visible from a distance evoking memories of people who had lived with us in the past. My parents and some relatives were buried in Slavonski Brod and I'm going there today. I always visit a part of the cementary where there are graves of young people killed in war. Seeing their parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends, crying and praying above the white monuments covered with white flowers is so painful ...

Following the break-up of the Socialist Federal Peoples' Republic of Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia), many people lost their lives. Brod accepted almost one whole new town of refugees originating from Bosnian Posavina and the exiles from Eastern Slavonia.

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