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Monday 5th June
Olá from Brazil

Partners are from all over the world including Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Italy, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America and Uzbekistan.

Olá from BRAZIL

Christ the RedeemerEmail from Brazil (March 04)

Thanks for the material about your country.

As you know I teach English here in Brazil. I teach 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. All of my students are interested in exchanging letters during the year. I imagine three or four letters and some emails too, but I really prefer letters. I'll let you know the number of students I have in each grade.

They are all beginners and very interested in taking part in this project.

I think we can start with our 5th grades. It would be nice if in this letter your students talked about themselves: family, sports they like. ...

Email from Caxias do Sul

I teach in Caxias do Sul (in the south of Brazil). We have about 120 students of all ages.

We are starting autumn here in Brazil and in this part of Brazil where I live it sometimes snows in winter. ... I'm Catholic and most of my students are too, but I think it's always important to know about all kinds of religions we have in the world. It's a question of culture and knowledge in my opinion, and it's important to teach respect for the differences.

Emails from pupils in São Paulo, Brazil

I live in São Paulo (capital of the state, called São Paulo too). São Paulo is a big city with a lot of big buildings. It has lots of shopping malls, and places to have fun.

I like to play basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. ... My favorite sport is soccer and cricket. ... I like to swim too and twice a week I play judo. ... My favorite sports are tennis and soccer! I am keen on Gustavo Kuerten and Ronaldo. Do you know them?

My favorite kinds of music are heavy metal, electronic music and rock. ... I love sapateado with street dance, I dance it 3 days of the week. I love it and I do many Brazilian competitions and maybe I will go to Buenos Aires to dance.

Every vacation I go to Recife, another city, in another state in Brazil, with lots of beaches!! My family lives there. I LOVE going to the beach.

The most interesting thing I like doing is travelling to other countries, I like to see different landscapes. The most amazing landscape I have seen in my life is from the top of the Empire State in New York. Have you ever travelled to others countries?

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