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Wednesday 22nd March
Ei Je from Bangladesh

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Ei Je from Bangladesh

Emails from pupils living in Bangladesh

waterfall Hi, I am from the state, Barishal in Bangladesh but I live in Dhaka which is the capital of Bagladesh.

Hi I was born in Kolkata in India and I study in the American International School in Dhaka. ...

In India our family goes traveling back and forth from Delhi to Kolkata. In the holidays I like to go to Kolkata and when it is the end of the holidays I go back to Delhi.

More emails from the International School, Dhaka

Hi I'm girl and I go to the American International School of Dhaka. I celebrate Eid because I'm a Muslim. I was born in Pennsylvania, USA.

I like playing soccer but I like basketball way more. ... Send me a letter and tell me about you.

Hi, I am from Bangladesh and America. I was born in America. The state where I was born was in Texas.

Hi, I was born in Bangladesh. What grade are you? Who's your teacher? Do you celebrate Christmas? I am a girl. ... what's your favorite food? My favorite food is pizza and spaghetti.

I am having a great time in Dhaka. I am from Sri Lanka but I never lived there. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball.

26 December 2004 - quake and tsunami in SE Asia

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Thanks to the External Publicity Wing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh for the photographs

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