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Niue is an island in Oceania, between Tonga and the Cook Islands.

Alofi is the capital of Niue.

The terrain consists of limestone cliffs along the coast and a central plateau. There are no rivers but water is available from wells.

The climate of Niue is tropical.

Niue is said to be the largest and highest coral atoll in the world. There are a number of caves found along the coast.

Antiope and Beveridge reefs are within Niue's territory.

Protected areas include Anono Marine Reserve and Huvalu Forest Conservation Area.

The capital attracts a number of Niueans but the majority of the people live in villages thoughout the island.

Cyclone Heta, which struck Niue in 2004, damaged many buildings on Niue.

Most buildings on the island are no more than twenty years old.

The population of Niue was estimated at 1,311 in 2011.

Niuean, a Polynesian language, is the language of Niue. English is also spoken.

Over eighty percent of the people are Christians. Around sixty percent belong to a Protestant Niuean Church (Ekalesia Niue).

Cassava, taro, yams, sweet potatoes and breadfruit are staple foods. Chicken, fish and shellfish are eaten.

Traditionally, suckling pig is roasted in an underground oven or "umu".

Tropical fruits grown include bananas, coconuts, limes, passion fruit, papayas and watermelons. Honey is produced on Niue.

A favourite dish is sliced taro, layered with papayas and baked in coconut cream.

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