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Wednesday 22nd March
Linking Our World

The Project

The World InfoZone (WIZ) feature about pupils and their teacher Marsha, was written at the end of the academic year in 2003. At the beginning of the new school year, and with another class, Marsha and WIZ decided on a collaborative project. With the encouragement of the Global Junior Challenge in Rome the project has been extended to bring together the work of Marsha and her partner schools and the work of WIZ, an international educational resource.

Corresponding with students and teachers we are Linking Our World, each of us saying Hello in our own language. Together, with all the people who contribute to the WIZ country studies, we hope to gain a better appreciation of the diversity of our world.

Some of the pupils have written to tell us what they think about working with their global partners: "It is very interesting to learn about children from other cultures, to see how they are different from us and how they are like us" (Saar and Dudi). "We learn about their language, clothes and the place they live" (Maor and Sivan) and "we can learn about the food they eat, things they believe in, holidays, festivals, tradition and games we never heard about" (Afik and Omer). It is important to correspond by email and meet new friends as "it's important for world peace" (Paz and Shay).

The Aims of the Project

Ningbo, China Modern technology enables contact between many countries almost instantaneously. In this project we use this technology to build relationships between teachers and students. The information from the WIZ county studies, with contributions from people in many countries, links to news and educational sites throughout the world. Thus we bring together people and information to explore cultural diversity and promote global understanding.

Students provide the information for the project to build up a picture of their country. They see their own work taking shape, day-by-day. Pupils in the partner schools get to know the other partners. They also realise the importance of communication between people throughout the world. The World InfoZone country information provides background to current world events to help students understand the world in which they live.

To summarize the aims of the joint project are as follows:

emphasise the value of cultural diversity: the combined resources of the global partnerships together with the country studies provide an excellent base to explore cultural diversity.

promote global understanding: one of the themes is that teachers and children can get to know one another across great distances and maybe this friendship together with the power of fast communication will facilitate greater understanding between people throughout the world.

add an international perspective to education: teachers and students gain an up-to-date view of the world from the information exchanged in the global communication project together with the WIZ educational resource.

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