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Friday 19th July
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The re-creation of the CHARLIE SHORE REGATTA FOR BOYS AND GIRLS, 2011, which started in 1894 and continued to the 1950s:

The Regatta was part of a two-day event on Twickenham Riverside organised by Twickenham Alive with the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, the RFU and the Richmond Environmental Information Centre. The event included Stand Up Paddleboard races (the first time SUP came to Twickenham Riverside). The event also included a two-day market on The Embankment, music concerts on Champions Wharf, a children's fairground and Shetland pony rides.

TWICKENHAM ALIVE was formed to organize events surrounding the regatta and was given a Volunteer's Contract by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Twickenham Alive arranged a video and photographic competition at the Charlie Shore Regatta for Richmond College students and local residents. A photographic exhibition, video screenings and prize-giving took place in Clarendon Hall.

THE TWICKENHAM ALIVE JUBILEE RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL 2012: A programme of events included dragon boat racing, Stand Up Paddleboard races (The Blue Mile, a national event), the Charlie Shore Boys and Girls Regatta and open-air live music. The event also included a two-day market on The Embankment, a children's fairground, water zorbing and Shetland pony rides.

THE CELEBRATION OF THE OPENING OF DIAMOND JUBILEE GARDENS BY HRH PRINCESS ALEXANDRA, Twickenham Riverside, 23rd and 24th June 2012. Twickenham Alive participated in the organization of the opening of Diamond Jubilee Gardens on behalf of the RFU. In addition, an exhibition of photographs was provided from the HLF Memories of Twickenham Riverside project. A photograph can be seen on the website of our Memories of Twickenham Riverside project.

(22nd July 2012 Twickenham Alive worked with the RFU organizing the Strawberry Hill Music and Fun Day)

Twickenham Alive's Christmas on Diamond Jublilee Gardens in 2012 was a fun packed event with a live music stage, an exhibition of breakdancing, a Christmas Market and entertainment for children.

A two-year research project MEMORIES OF TWICKENHAM RIVERSIDE funded by the Heritage Lottery (HLF) is another of our projects.

TWICKENHAM ALIVE FOUNDED THE EEL PIE ISLAND SUP CLUB (EPIC SUP) in June 2013 at Twickenham Rowing Club, Twickenham Riverside.

The TWICKENHAM ALIVE RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL 2013 was supported by the RFU. Events included a D-Day Dance in Twickenham Rowing Club, the Twickenham Alive SUP Charity Mile (SUP), Dragon Boat races, the Charlie Shore children's Regatta, live music stages, children’s Fun Fair and Shetland pony rides. There was an open-air market on The Embankment.

(2013 Twickenham Alive Film Festival in the Live Room, RFU)

The first TWICKENHAM ALIVE ICE RINK took place in the grounds of the Council offices, York House, Twickenham Riverside, during Christmas and New Year (2013/14). This was the first of THREE yearly community ice rinks organized by Twickenham Alive.

THE MOST FAMOUS ICE RINK IN THE WORLD, a Heritage Lottery Funded Project 2015/16 (Our second two-year HLF project).

From June 2014 TWICKENHAM ALIVE'S river-related events continued annually: Dragon Boat races, free SUP taster events and the Charlie Shore children's Regatta. Twickenham Alive's music concerts, markets and children's fairgrounds also continued on Twickenham Riverside


Twickenham Alive took part in the first LBRUT competition, with a global company, for a plan for Twickenham Riverside. See the Competition in

(2014 Twickenham Alive Music and Fun Day at Strawberry Hill House)

TWICKENHAM LIDO'S FIRST CONCEPT PLAN (2015) was published for the Twickenham Riverside Development.

A PETITION to support TWICKENHAM LIDO was started on CHANGE.ORG. which now has thousands of supporters.

The Twickenham Alive Film Festival 2015 took place at Twickenham Rowing Club, Twickenham Riverside.

TWICKENHAM ALIVE'S RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL 2015 included Dragon Boat races and the Twickenham Alive Charity Mile SUP Races. Once again, we organised the CHARLIE SHORE BOYS AND GIRLS REGATTA, by then an annual TWICKENHAM ALIVE event, with Twickenham Rowing Club and the Richmond Environmental Information Centre.

(2015 One of two, Twickenham Alive Strawberry Hill Music and Fun Days - Twickenham Alive also worked with the RFU on the two previous Strawberry Hill Music and Fun Days)

A Heritage Lottery Funded project LIDOS ALIVE was completed. (Our third HLF project).

November 2016 Twickemham Alive and World InfoZone founded THE TWICKENHAM & RICHMOND TRIBUNE.

In 2017 TWO HISTORY BOARDS were produced by Twickenham Alive for permanent display in a public park in East Twickenham.

On 1st April 2017 the Twickenham Tribune attended the installation ceremony of the two history plaques in Warren Gardens, East Twickenham, next to the River Thames. (The Twickenham Tribune, Edition 22).

The first plaque commemorated the Belgians who lived and worked in Twickenham during the Second Word War; produced by Twickenham Alive on behalf of the East Twickenham Centennial Group.

A second history plaque, the final phase of the HLF project The Most Famous Ice Rink in the World, commemorated the ice rink which once stood in East Twickenham.

Both history boards are the work of Twickenham Alive; the compilation of the information for the ice rink, and, the InDesign work to produce both plaques.

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