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Friday 2nd June
Sveiki from Latvia

Sveiki from Latvia

Emails from Youth Free Time Center, Riga

Students come here from different schools after lessons at day school. My school has many classes where children learn more than in day school: dance, drama, drawing, archeology ... we have more than 3000 students.

My class is animation and multimedia ... we work together with the journalist class. We make multimedia for students' Internet magazine.

Hello in Latvian: sveiki if you say hello to more than one person or to one person in proper form sveika if you say hello to a girl or woman sveiks if you say hello to a boy or man.

Email from Students of the Youth Free Time Center, Riga

Latvia is in the Baltic states. Now we have joined the European Union. Latvia is a little European country, but it has a big importance in world history because it is located by the Baltic Sea. In the Middle ages many countries wanted these lands and they fought for it. Our land is rich with woods and grasslands. Some of the people from other countries think that it is a great treasure.

More emails from Youth Free Time Center, Riga

I think the most beautiful season is autumn, especially in Sigulda; from the castle walls you can see woods like a red sea. There are many different castles in Latvia. ... There are also many cities, but I think that the most interesting city is Riga, because I live there. The most beautiful place in Riga is Old Riga (Vecriga).

Riga is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In 2001. Riga celebrated its 800. birthday. Many houses in Riga are built in Jugend (Modern, Secession) style. There are also many wooden houses, but they are in the suburbs. ... When you visit Latvia you need to go to the Latvian Ethnography Museum. There you learn the history and culture of this land. ... We celebrate many national festivals. Like Jani (summer solstice) and Kekatas iesanu (winter solstice). These festivals are nice and full of joy.

My favourite place is Old Riga. The old churches and roadways are still there. All the other places aren't so different like in other countries, like shopping malls and stores.

My favourite city is Ventspils. It is a city by the sea in Kurzeme. Ventspils is clean and in the every quarter there is something interesting: flower clock, flower decoration ... The most important object is the Livonia Order castle. It is successfully restored. In Ventspils there also is a monument, on the coast of river Venta. It is a statue of Krisjanis Valdemars the founder of the first Latvian sea school. Everyone can sit side by side with this famous man, it's a pity that someone is taking glasses from this statue.

Emails from Youth Free Time Center, Riga

I like Latvia in the autumn, when tree leaves are changing colors. So if you want to visit Latvia come here in autumn! If you come to Latvia don't forget to visit the deepest cave in Latvia, Gutmana cave, which is in Sigulda.

I prefer you to go to Latgales blue lakes, seaside of Kurzeme and the highest hill in Latvia Gaizinkalns (only, 312 m. above sea level).

I will tell you what can you do in each season, in Latvia. In winter you can ride with sled, have a snow fight and celebrate Christmas. In autumn you can watch the colourful trees. In summer you can sunbath or swim. In spring you can see the beautiful nature.

I will tell you about our sport life. One of the favourite sports is football, because we qualified for the European tournament. Hockey is the most popular, we have some NHL players and many clubs and specialized hockey schools. Basketball - finally we have one NBA player. ...

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