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Wednesday 22nd March
Yias sou from Greece

Yias sou from GREECE

Students from Heraklion in Greece joined the project in March. The students attend a language school and communicate with students from other countries to exchange ideas and learn each other's culture. Six teachers in the school are taking part in the project.

Emails from Greece

The town of Heraklion is a very old city situated on the north coast of Crete. The Minoan Palace of Knossos is nearby - the Minoan civilization flourished 3500 years ago. ... our students can write a lot of things to yours and about the interesting Greek history and mythology as well as about personal ideas.

We have the Olympics in Greece next August. Heraklion has been chosen as one of the four Olympic Cities of Greece.

Email about a National Holiday

The 25th of March is a national holiday of two important incidents. The first is religious and the other one is historical.

We celebrate the announcement of the Angel Gabriel who announced to Virgin Mary that She was to give birth to the Holy Infant, Christ.

The second one is about a great historical event. In 1821, the Greeks rose up against the Ottoman Turks and a Bishop raised the Greek Flag at the church of the monastery of St. Lavras in the middle of Peloponnesus. From there on, part after part of the mainland of Greece was liberated and we have come to the present state of Greece.

The Olympic Flame

On the 25th of March there will be the lighting of the Olympic Flame at Ancient Olympia and so the Flame will start its five continent relay journey to bring peace to the world and to your area too, as it was done in ancient times, once the Peoples respect the Idea and Spirit it carries.

Please find attached a relevent article: the Olympic flame is the primary symbol of the Olympic ideal, noble competition, friendship and peaceful coexistence.

Email from a teacher in Greece

Today, our schools close for our Easter Holidays for two weeks. Our ΠΑΣΧΑ is on Sunday 11 April. Next week is the Holy Week. From Monday on, every night, there is going to be church service in all Orthodox Churches. But we also are very happy because the Olympic Flame is now lighting at the Olympic Stadium in Athens where the 1st Olympic Games were held in 1896. In early July it will start its long journey of Peace all over the world. During the Olympic Games there is going to a ceasefire all over the globe signed by 165 countries.

Email from teachers in Greece

This is a very special day for us and our city. It is the opening of the new Pancretan Olympic stadium this afternoon. There is a friendly football match between Greece and Switzerland. About 25.000 people are expected to watch it. We are all very excited about it. We are also sending you some cards of the Olympics with all our wishes for peace on our planet.

The route of the Olympic Flame

The school is closed for the Easter Holidays. The students are coming back on 19 April. I have just popped in and so I am sending you the route of the Olympic Flame.

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