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Thursday 23rd May
The Baltic Gateway - Ukraine
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The Baltic Sea is located in Northern Europe. Countries in the Baltic Sea Region are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Norway is a neighbouring country (next to Sweden) and Belarus and Ukraine have historical ties with the Region.

What do you know about Ukraine?

Kyivan Rus, the Slavic State of the tenth and eleventh centuries, was centred in Ukraine. During this time Kyivan Rus was the most powerful state in Europe.

The Zaporozhian Sich, founded in 1553, was a stronghold of Ukrainian Cossacks. The Cossacks were an important military force for the defence of the borders.

The Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, founded in the early seventeenth century, was the first university in Ukraine.

In 1939 Kyiv University became the National Taras Shevchenko University, named in honour of the Ukrainian poet and artist.

Famous Ukrainian Olympic medallists include Larysa Latynina, the gymnast, Yana Klochkova, the swimmer, and Sergey Bubka, the pole-vaulter.

Lew Grade (Lord Grade) was born Louis Winogradsky (1906-1998) in the village of Tokmak near Odessa. He emigrated to England with his family in 1912 and became a successful entertainment executive founding Associated Television (ATV).

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