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Friday 19th July
Togo Facts
The highest point in Togoland is Mount Agou (986 m).

Togo is a long, narrow country on the West African coast.

Many African settlers arrived in Togo centuries before Europeans reached the region.

The Portuguese, the first Europeans to explore the coast of Togo, arrived at the end of the fifteenth century.

The Portuguese were followed by the Danes, the French, the British and the Germans.

The coastal area of Togo was part of the West African "Slave Coast".

European countries traded in slaves until legislation prohibited the slave trade. Acts of Parliament were passed in European countries at different times.

The Abolition of the Slave Trade Act (1807) prohibited the slave trade within the British Empire. (Slaves in the British colonies did not gain their freedom until the 1830s. The 1833 Abolition of Slavery Act began the process leading to emancipation).

The German Protectorate of Togoland was established in 1884.

French and British troops captured Togoland in the first month of the First World War.

In 1922 a League of Nations mandate divided Togoland into two: the French were given the east of the country and Britain administered the west.

The UK administered their part of Togoland as part of the British Gold Coast.

In 1957 the British region of Togoland became part of Ghana; the French area of Togoland became self-governing.

The Togolese Republic achieved independence in 1960.

Sylvanus Olympio, the first president of Togo, was assassinated in 1963.

Gnassingbe Eyadema came to power through a coup in 1967. Eyadema, who died in 2005, was the longest serving leader in Africa.

Faure Gnassingbe became the president of Togo in April 2005.

Floods in 2007 affected countries in Africa, from east to west; a number of people lost their lives in flooding in Togo.

Togo abolished the death penalty in 2009.

Following an attack on its football team bus in 2010 Togo withdrew from the African Cup of Nations tournament.

In 2018 there were continuing demands for the reinstatement of the 1992 Constitution limiting presidential terms to two.

In June 2022 Togo became a member of The Commonwealth.

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