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The Virgin Islands archipelago, in the Caribbean, is divided into two Territories: the British Virgin Islands and the United States Virgin Islands.

The United States Virgin Islands, a Territory of the USA, is east of Puerto Rico.

Charlotte Amalie on the island of St Thomas is the capital of the USVI. Other islands are Saint Croix, the largest of the United States Virgin Islands, and Saint John and Water Island.

The terrain of the USVI is mostly hilly and mountainous.

The climate is subtropical with temperatures moderated by trade winds.

The Virgin Islands National Park covers three-fifths of the island of St John. The Park also includes most of Hassel Island in the Charlotte Amalie harbour, St. Thomas. Other protected areas include the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Reserve, and Buck Island National Reef Monument.

Fort Christian, overlooking the harbour of Charlotte Amalie, is the oldest building in the United States Virgin Islands. Built by the Danes, the fort now houses the Virgin Islands' Museum.

On the island of St Croix a number of Colonial buildings can be seen in the Christiansted historical area. Buildings, maintained by the United States National Park Service, include the old Danish Customs House.

The population of the United States Virgin Islands was estimated at 109,666 in 2011.

Almost three-quarters of the population of the US Virgin Islands speak English. Other languages spoken include Spanish Creole and French Creole.

The majority of the people in the United States Virgin Islands belong to Christian chuches: Baptist, Roman Catholic and Episcopalian.

A local dish in the US Virgin Islands is callaloo, a stew made with spinach or okra and fish. Another popular recipe is for cornmeal and okra "fungi", served with seafood.

Shellfish and fish are caught daily. Meat and chicken are used in a variety of recipes.

Produce available includes cassava, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, plantains, bananas, coconuts, guavas, mangoes, pineapples and soursops.

Bush tea is brewed from leaves collected locally. A drink known as mauby is made from the bark of a tree. Rum and beer are produced in the USVI.

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