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The Republic of Palau is in Oceania. The country consists of over two hundred islands, southeast of the Philippines.

Palau comprises of sixteen states. Koror State is the economic centre and traditional seat of government. Melekeok became the new capital in 2006.

The islands of Palau are diverse: some are coral islands, others are mountainous.

The climate is tropical. The rainy season is from May to November.

The islands of Palau vary geologically. Whilst some of the islands are low-lying coral atolls, others are mountainous with tropical forests. The "Rock Islands" are part of a marine reserve.

Trees found in Palau are mangrove, banana, coconut, pandanus and papaya.

Birds include boobies, doves, flycatchers, kingfishers, terns, starlings and warblers.

A variety of reef fish, such as the damselfish, live in the waters and coral reefs off the coast. Other inhabitants in the surrounding seas are whales, dolphins, manta rays, sharks and turtles.

Construction is an important industry in the Republic of Palau. Funding from the US Compact of Free Association, together with other overseas investment, has provided a number of new buildings and structures in Koror.

A high percentage of the population lives in Koror. As well as residential buildings, Koror has a number of office buildings, banks, hotels and department stores.

The population of Palau was estimated at 20,956 in 2011.

English and Palauan are official languages. Other languages spoken include Angaur, Sonsorolese, Tobi, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese.

A significant number of the people belong to Christian religions. Modekngei is an indigenous religion.

Fish is plentiful; crabs are also a source of protein. Chicken, canned meats and rice are imported.

Traditional staple foods are cassava, taro, sweet potatoes and breadfruit.

Bananas, coconuts, mangoes, papayas and pineapples are available.

Drinks include coffee, coconut milk and local beer.

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