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Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the independent States of the Kathmandu Valley in 1768.

The Shahs came into conflict with the British in India in the early nineteenth century. Following the Anglo-Nepalese War (1814-16) a treaty established Nepal's borders.

In 1846 Jung Bahadur Rana founded a line of hereditary Prime Ministers which lasted for over a hundred years. The sovereignty of the Nepalese crown was restored in 1951.

Since early 1996, insurgency has been organized by the [Maoist] Communist Party of Nepal.

In February 2005 the king declared a state of emergency and assumed direct control of the country. The state of emergency ceased on 30 April 2005.

Unrest continued into 2006. Following weeks of protests, direct rule by the king came to an end in April. In May 2006 parliament voted to restrict the king's political powers. A decision to abolish the monarchy was made by parliament in December 2007.

The agricultural sector, including animal husbandry, forestry and fishing, provides employment for a large percentage of the working population. Agricultural products are rice, maize, wheat, root crops, sugarcane and jute.

Industries include cement, brick production, jute, carpets, textiles, cigarettes, sugar and oilseed milling.

Tourism, an important source of foreign exchange, has suffered because of political unrest. (2008)

The Kathmandu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is considered a living museum. Examples of cultural treasures include palaces, pagodas, temples, and Buddhist stupas.

The Patan Museum has a collection of traditional Nepalese religious art, housed in a former royal palace.

Performances of Nepalese dance and music can be seen at the Royal Nepal Academy.

Football, basketball, volleyball and cricket are played in Nepal. Archery is a traditional sport.

The Himalayas provide plenty of opportunities for hiking and climbing. Official guides are registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

All religious holidays are celebrated.

News from Nepal is available from Newslink.

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