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The State of Kuwait is in the Middle East. It is bordered by the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait consists of the mainland and a number of islands: Auhha, Bubiyan, Failaka, Kubbar, Miskan, Umm Al-Maradim, Umm Al-Naml, Qaruh and Warba. Kuwait City is the capital.

Kuwait's terrain is mainly flat desert plain.

The climate is dry desert: hot summers and short, cool winters.

Although Kuwait is largely desert, the land is not barren. Desert shrubs, such as the arfaj, are plentiful. The small yellow flower of the arfaj is the national flower of Kuwait.

The birdlife of the region is supplemented by migrant birds, including falcons, which use Kuwait as a stopover point. Many species of birds have been recorded in Kuwait National Park (Jal az-zor), Ad-Doha Nature Reserve, Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve, and Kubbar Island.

Wildlife found in the Kuwait includes gazelles, lizards and snakes. Dugongs inhabit the coastal waters.

Since the 1991 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait considerable construction has taken place. The Kuwait National Assembly, designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, is an example of a building that had to be rebuilt.

New buildings blend modern styles with traditional Islamic architecture. Central courtyards are often design features.

Landmarks include the Kuwait Towers - the highest tower is one hundred and eighty-seven metres.

The population of Kuwait was estimated at 4 million in 2016. This includes over a relatively high percentage of non-nationals.

Arabic is the official language. English is widely spoken.

The majority of the people of Kuwait follow Islam.

Meat is a staple food in the Kuwaiti diet. Meat, chicken, and fish dishes are flavoured with spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, pepper and paprika.

A traditional meal is roasted lamb stuffed with rice. Popular foods include houmous, stuffed vine leaves, and meat kebabs.

A variety of desserts and fruits are eaten. Dates are a favourite fruit.

A yoghurt drink is often served. Other drinks are tea and coffee; Kuwati coffee is flavoured with cardamom. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Kuwait.

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