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The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It is bordered by Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

N'Djamena is the capital. Other major cities are Moundou, Abeche and Sarh.

The terrain consists of a large arid central plain, desert in the north, mountains in the northwest and lowlands in the south. The principal rivers are the Chari and the Logone.

The climate varies according to region: hot and arid in the north and tropical in the south.

Lake Chad, to the south of the Sahara, is fed by the Chari and Logone rivers. The lake is an important wetland and the habitat for a number of species of birds.

Zakouma National Park, in the southeast, is home to two hundred and fifty species of birds and animals such as antelopes, buffaloes, elephants and giraffes.

Chad submitted the Ruins of Ouara to UNESCO for consideration as a World Heritage site in 2005. Ouara was the capital of the Kingdom of Ouaddai, dating from the seventeenth century. Architectural remains include the Sultan's palace and a mosque.

The capital of N'Djamena, founded by the French at the beginning of the twentieth century, suffered much damage during the civil war years (1979-1982).

The population of Chad was estimated at 16.91 million in 2021.

French and Arabic are the official languages. Sara is spoken in the south. There are also over one hundred and twenty languages and dialects.

Over fifty percent of the people are Muslim (north), around thirty-five percent are Christian (south) and seven percent are animist (south).

The cuisine of Chad varies according to region and ethnic group.

Millett and sorghum are staple foods. A common meal is porridge made from millet and sorghum flour and eaten with vegetable, meat, or fish sauce. Peanut sauce is also popular in some areas.

Fish and meat dishes may be accompanied with rice. Fish is plentiful in the lakes and rivers and is preserved by drying, salting and smoking. Chickens, cattle and sheep are reared.

French baguettes are sold in urban areas.

Vegetables include carrots, cassava, green beans, okra, onions, potatoes and squash. Fruits available are bananas, citrus fruits, guavas, mangoes, melons, papayas and pineapples.

Tea (green and red) is a popular drink. Soft drinks are produced locally. In the south, millet is used to produce beer and spirits.

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