Wiz Quiz - Germany

Germany Quiz

1) The capital city of Germany is Answer: Berlin.

2) When was the Brandenburg Gate built? Answer: 1791.

3) Who was the leader of the Reformation of the Church in Germany? Answer: Martin Luther.

4) Which German invented the printing press? Answer: Johann Gutenberg.

5) Who was Germany's most famous author? Answer: Goethe.

6) Which King of Great Britain came from Hanover? Answer: George I.

7) Which German prince was married to Queen Victoria? Answer: Prince Albert.

8) Germany had a number of colonies in Africa. What was Germany's possession in Southern Africa? Answer: Namibia.

9) Other German overseas territories included the present-day Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Where are these countries? Answer: the Pacific Ocean.

10) Which year did the First World War begin? Answer: 1914.

11) What was the Bauhaus? Answer: a German school of art and design.

12) Which commander from Hitler's Germany made the flight to Scotland in 1941 and was captured and imprisoned? Answer: Rudolf Hess.

13) When was the Berlin Wall built? Answer: 1961.

14) During a visit to Germany in 1963 President John F. Kennedy said Ich bin ein Berliner. What does this mean? Answer: I am a citizen of Berlin.

15) The following statement describes Germany's entry to the European Economic Community (now the EU). Answer: Germany was one of the founders of the Economic European Community .

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