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Friday 18th January
Saving Twickenham Riverside - Page Two

Diamond Jubilee Gardens, Twickenham Riverside

Photograph: Diamond Jubilee Gardens just before it opened. The gardens are built on the site of Twickenham open air swimming pool which has caused much controversy over the years. The aim of the designers of the garden was to remind people of the pool, for instance the diving board is still in place and the edges of the pool are engraved in the stone.

Following on from working with community groups to save the pool site I continued to concentrate on community heritage.

As a Trustee of the Richmond Environmental Information Centre I took part in the Memories of Twickenham Riverside project funded by the HLF to record the history of Twickenham Riverside. The HLF project was exhibited at the Diamond Jubilee Gardens during the weekend of 23 and 24 June 2012 when the gardens were officially opened by HRH Princess Alexandra.

As a direct result of the work on the Memories of Twickenham Riverside project and as a Trustee of the Richmond Environmental Information Centre (REIC) I worked with other Trustees to revive the Charlie Shore Regatta for Boys and Girls, a long-running event, that stopped taking place as a result of the Second World War. Along With my fellow Trustee in the REIC, Berkley Driscoll, I continued to work on recreating events which were strongly connected with the heritage of Twickenham. To further this aim we formed an organisation which we called Twickenham Alive, precisely because it was meant to bring alive some of the community events which had been lost and were missed by the local community.

During the weekend of our first Charlie Shore Regatta in 2011 we were asked by the Council (the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames) to put on a two-day event on Twickenham Riverside. On the Sunday we introduced Stand Up Paddleboarding to Twickenham and every year since we have organised a Stand Up Paddleboarding Charity Mile. The traditional Dragon Boat racing in Twickenham has also been added to our events.

Other heritage events which we have brought to life include the annual Twickenham Alive Film Festival which emphasises the worldwide fame of filmmaking in Twickenham and a temporary ice rink during the Christmas and New Year period which brings together many of those who skated at the world famous Richmond Rink.

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