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Friday 18th January
Hello from the UK - Page Two

Hello from the UK

United Kingdom partners are from England: There are emails from college students living in London and emails from partner schools in Ilkeston in Derbyshire, Plymouth in Devon and Little Brington, Northamptonshire.

Extracts from emails to partners

St Mary's, Ilkeston "Ilkeston is situated in the Erewash Valley in Derbyshire near the border of neighbouring Nottinghamshire. Until recently Ilkeston was a coal mining area with numerous pits. Iron production has also played an important part in the prosperity of this midlands town, due to the Stanton and Staveley Iron Works. Now, however a large proportion of people work in the textile industry, especially upholstery and lingerie manufacture. Although mostly an industrial area, Ilkeston is surrounded by beautiful countryside and has also played an important part in the writings of D. H. Lawrence."

Extracts from email from Ilkeston

"We study these subjects: mathematics, English, technology, science, Personal Social and Health Education, geography, history, religious education, French, art, drama, music and physical education."

Extracts from emails from Plymouth

it's snowing"I like motor sport that involves cars racing on a track. I also like football and I support my country's team which is called England. I have a lot of activities to do like swimming, playing computer games, surfing the Internet and listening to music."

"I like swimming every Saturday. I also like cooking, my favourite dish is chicken."

"We went to the theatre on Thursday. We watched a Maori story teller" (Read about Plymouth in the Feature on Cornwall).

Email from Little Brington, Northamptonshire

It's snowing - again!! The school is in a dip between two villages and the hills are usually pretty bad in this sort of weather. Takes a long time to drive through. Will take some pictures of us all in the snow to send to you.

Signs of Spring from London and Kent

daffodils in front of an old oast house In London there are lots of little areas of grass where you can see daffodils and crocuses growing at this time of the year. This week I went outside the city and into Kent which has lots of farmland. Here are some daffodils in front of the ruins of an "oast" house. Oast houses are conical shaped buildings which used to be used for drying hops for making beer. An oast house had a drying room, above a kiln (oven) and a cooling room and the roof is a conical shape to create a draught for the fire.

Signs of Spring from Greater London

white blossom There was a photograph in the Richmond and Twickenham Times newspaper today of one of the blossom trees that grow along a dual carriageway in Richmond. The trees are famous here as they look very beautiful in late April.

"It is a beautiful sight as you drive down the road with the trees on each side covered with blossom."

Read about Christmas in the UK

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