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Wednesday 20th February
Road to Peace - Page Two

Postings from Croatia

A school from Slavonski Brod in Croatia joined the project in May and wanted to add to the Roads for Peace. (Croatia was part of former Yugoslavia - now Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia)

I remember the years 1991-1992 when we had a war in Croatia, it was especially awful in my town because we are on the border with Bosnia and Hertzegovina and we were the target for a very long time from there. (Teacher from Slavonski Brod)

I have a dream that my children will live in the world without wars, hunger and pollution. I hope they shouldn't worry about how to survive. ... that one day we'll all forget bad times of wars and conflicts. (Gaspar, age 13 from Slovonski Brod - inspired by the speech by Martin Luther King, Jr)

Postings from Russia

All questions should be decided in a civilised way, with talking and not shooting. I agree with S that several war conflicts are because of oil, which gives profit for higher circles.

I don't want our soldiers to lose their lives in Chechnia and I don't want people who live in Chechnia to have a war conflict on their territory.

Posting from China

A couple days ago, there was a bomb in the station of Hong Kong MTR. The bombardment made the people scared. We are aware of the potential danger that may be around us. We should realize that life is very important to each of us and also very important to others. ... Dream a Dream is an excellent project for the children learning to communicate with their counterparts from different cultures and collaborate with each other and appreciate each side of our differences and celebrate our common goals. Peace and Respect through a dream.

Posting from Siberia, Russia

We heard from tape recorder one speech of Martin Luther King, who caused improvement in peoples' attitude. It started with the words "I have a dream..." And after he spoke about his dream to see all people equal, all races, nationalities and religions. I think that if many people have the same dream our world can improve. And people better start this dream while they are children, because when people grow it's more difficult to get such dream. If all children who are in project will start this dream, then later the world will improve.

Other postings from the DISCUSSION BOARD

Dream a Dream is a gift to the world - the type of project that we need to multiply by the millions in the belief that one day we will be able to live in tolerance, justice and peace because, in spite of so much bad news, there is also a huge amount of good will in humanity.

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams. (adapted from a writer Garcia Marquez)

Postings from Petach-Tikva 2003

The following are pupils' reactions to a terrorist incident. As Saar says there are a lot of places in the world that live in war and children will have the same worries wherever they have these experiences. ... but there are groups of people in every country that want peace (Gil). This project tries to report what is happening to the partners and has no political affiliations.

Hello, we live in Petach-Tikva. First of all, in Israel, most of the people are Jewish. Instead of Christmas we celebrate Chanukah. On the 7th Candle that we lit, there was a suicide bomber who exploded himself ... (Saar and Roei)

Our names are Oshri and Dudi, We want to thank you for caring for us. None of the people that we know were there. We heard the blow up of the bomb.

We live in Petach-Tikva and Rosh-Ha'ayn. We live near the place where there was the suicide bomber. He exploded near a lot of people. Terrorism can hit anyone who lives in Israel. (Saar and Roei)

The attack was very close to our home, in the central way to the city and because it's a very public place a lot of people were hurt: 24 people injured and 4 people died. I'm really unhappy to say this, but we are pretty used to this. We heard about terror acts many times, but this time we really saw the terrorist.

A terror act is usually carried out by a man who is wearing a belt with explosives and he himself makes the explosion. ... Sometimes someone leaves a bomb in a bag or in suitcase and after some time the terrorist makes the explosion with a cellphone or something when he isn't around and then he doesn't die. This time this was someone with an explosives belt. I hope there will be no terror acts again. (Matan)

Dear Dakoda, We are glad that you want to help and we are really glad that you are thinking about us. It's very good to know that people think about you. During the attack we were on our way to see some show, then Yael's mother called us, and she said that she was worrying and afraid for us, when she heard that we were safe, she was very happy. (Yael and Tom)

Dear Dakoda, Don't be sorry, there was nothing that you could do about the attack. Luckily, Marsha's daughter came out with no harm, but other people that were in the area died and were injured. We thank you for your concern, but unfortunately it can't change a thing. (Gil and Shay)

When I heard that the attack was in my city I was very scared because almost all my friends live in the city and the attack was on the main road, and it's one of the big exits from the city to other cities. My mother's best friend was in the terror attack and she suffered shock and something flew at her and she got a small injury on her hand. (On D)

Dear friend from Indiana, USA, it's a beautiful link, thank you. It's nice to know that some people think about you. ... especially now. When people care about you and take an interest about the things that you experience, it is the symbol that they are real friends. (Tom)

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