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Tuesday 16th July
Oshili ngiini from Namibia - Page Two

Oshili ngiini from NAMIBIA

Email about Independence celebrations

Due to electrical problems it took me a long time to write back. This is about our Independence: in the morning I went to the complex and we sang the national anthem and then there were other things happening, like the police officers parading and the performance of traditional dance which is called sipelu. There were some dancers from Botswana who entertained the public and there was a soccer team from Zambia which played against our regional team. ... The Govenor gave a speech as well as the local leader and the students. Then they went for lunch - so that's how I spent my Independence Day.

Email from the Chair Person of the Learners Representative Council

Namibia We are having nice weather which is cool. It's kind of hot but we still receive some rain showers. Now we are having a problem of flood and some of the places are already flooded - about 24km from town. Our town is near by the river so now the water is close, just a few km from our school.

Email from Namibia about AIDS Awareness

Last Wednesday we were at the Caprive College of Education because it was an AIDS Awareness Week. There were a lot of learners, the Governor, the Acting Director of Education, School Board members and members of the community. The good thing about it was that I was given a chance to express myself as an act of commitment on behalf of our cluster representing the leaners.

Emails from students in the Kavango Region

I am Nyambe's friend. We are at the same school and we hang out a lot together so I just wanted to chat to you.

How was your Easter holiday? Mine was very fine. I went to church on Saturday with my friends. We stayed till it was very late. The best thing about this Saturday was that it was my birthday - I turned 18 and I thank God for giving me life up to this time. ... Before I go I want to say a big hello to all your students and God be with you all.

I am doing my grade 11 at Ngweze secondary school and aged 17. I am taking agricultural science and am planning to become a doctor when I complete my school. My hobbies are swimming, going to church, modelling and meeting new people. This year I was crowned Miss Ngweze Secondary School and am very proud of that.

... about the photo we will try to borrow a scanner because here we don"t have one. So please, sorry for the delay, and will try our best before we go for school holiday.

Email from a teacher in Namibia

I am so sorry that I have lost contact with you. Nothing terrible has happened as such but I have a serious problem with our server. The company that sponsored us the computers is going to make a replacement soon. However, we will go on holiday for the whole of May. I will only be back at the end of May.

Email from students in Namibia

Sorry for not being in touch because we have been on holiday. ... Next week we are going to have a science fair at Caprive College of Education in our town.

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