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Sunday 17th February
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Global Warming? from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia (21.11.04)

I don't know if it is global warming or another reason, but weather is not very good for us now. In November we must have frost. But yesterday in day temperature was "+" and everything melted. In late evening it went down and now our city is like big skating rink. Of course, it's very dangerous, especially on roads. There are predictions that such weather jumps will be till New Year and hospitals are preparing.

Cigarettes - Brad, Texas, USA (26.11.04)

If a person smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, for 365 days a year, he will have burned $730.00 U.S. We know there are those who smoke two or more packs a day. You do the math. What could you do with that kind of money? How much money would you blow out your nose in ten years?

When your friends ask if you want a cigarette, don't tell them that research shows nicotine is twice as addictive as cocaine. They won't believe you. Don't tell them that smoking can lead to lung cancer and an early death. They aren't interested. They will not be impressed that smokers have damaged lungs,and are more prone to illnesses. Don't try to tell them about the disease emphysema, which deprives the lungs of oxygen, leaving its victims to gasp daily for air, like dying fishes. Once one has heard the repeated deep, rasping, gagging cough of one with emphysema, they do not forget it. But your friends don't think it will happen to them.

So what can you say when you are offered a cigarette? Just tell them the truth: "No, thank you. I don't have money to burn." You will have committed an act of courage; the courage of your convictions.

Addiction - from educator in Palestine (27.11.04)

... regarding the addiction please send me the link. I want to read more and to participate, and I think that I can send it to more people who would like to join us.

Drugs in Joensuu, Finland (29.11.04)

Drugs are a problem amongst children and youth all around the world, also in Finland, especially in bigger cities. In my town it is not a big problem but the use of alcohol is too general when it comes to our kids and teenagers. At schools teachers and social workers inform students about these things. But it isn't enough. Often there are other social problems in families that lead to drugs or alcohol. In my opinion parents here don't use so much time with their kids. They should.

Smoking - Japan (6.12.04)

This is the biggest problem here in Japan. The danger of smoking is not well known here and because the tobacco companies are very powerful, there is not a very strong campaign against smoking. Teachers can still smoke in front of their students and almost half the people at the Board of Education smoke ... in the office!

Snow - Azerbaijan (6.12.04)

I'm from Azerbaijan. I live in Goychay. I like basketball, volleyball ... It is cold here but we don't have snow yet. We are looking forward to snow. I and my friends like snow very much. We play snowballs in winter.

Christmas in Finland - Joensuu (21.12.04)

Today is the shortest day of the year here in Finland. The daylight time is short. In the North the sun even doesn't rise. So Christmas here is really important, to get some light to darkness.

Children in Finland like everywhere in the world wait for Christmas - ours too.

Maybe the most popular Finnish Christmas song is called "I seek No Power No Glory" by Jean Sibelius, the most well-known composer from Finland.

Winter and Holidays - Azerbaijan (23.12.04)

... I also like winter for New Year! I love this holiday. We don't celebrate Christmas but New Year. We decorate New Year tree.

Christmas is Christmas - Croatia (23.12.04)

I know in Russia people celebrate Christmas a week later. ... Merry Christmas, Russian friends!

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