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American Samoa Information - Page 2
In 1899 a treaty between Britain, Germany and the USA divided the islands of Samoa between Germany (Western Samoa) and the United States (American Samoa).

Britain withdrew claims to the islands of Samoa in return for Tonga and the Solomon Islands.

American Samoa benefits from finance provided by the US government.

As part of Polynesia, a large proportion of the land is communally owned. Agricultural products are taro, yams, breadfruit, bananas, coconuts, papayas and pineapples. Livestock is reared.

The main industry is based on tuna fishing. Canned tuna is an important export.

Tourism is a developing sector of the country's economy. (2011)

American Samoa is part of Polynesia. Story telling has transmitted history and culture from generation to generation.

Traditional crafts in American Samoa include tapa mats and tapa tapestries. Tapa cloth is made from beaten tree bark.

The Jean P. Haydon Museum, on Tutuila, has displays of American Samoa's crafts and artifacts.

Sports played in American Samoa include basketball, football, rugby, cricket and tennis.

Canoe racing is a traditional sport. Other water sports are snorkelling, scuba diving, waterskiing and sailing. Deep sea fishing is available.

All Christian holidays are celebrated. Flag Day is on 17 April (1900).

News from American Samoa is available from Newslink.

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