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The Co-operative Republic of Guyana is in South America. It is bordered by Venezuela, the North Atlantic Ocean, Suriname and Brazil.

Georgetown is the capital. Other important cities in Guyana include Linden and New Amsterdam.

The terrain is mainly rolling highlands. There are low coastal plains, and savanna in the south. Principal rivers are the Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo.

The climate of Guyana is tropical with two rainy seasons.

The Kaieteur National Park was established in 1929. Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development is also a protected area. Guyana's rainforests provide vital services such as rainfall generation, carbon storage and climate regulation.

There are over a hundred and thirty species of amphibians and reptiles in the rainforest. Mammals include the jaguar and the howler monkey.

Birds living in the forests are hummingbirds, parrots, macaws and toucans. The Harpy Eagle, the largest eagle in the Americas, is also found in Guyana.

The National Trust is responsible for the preservation of buildings of national, architectural and historic interest in Guyana.

A variety of eighteenth and nineteenth century Colonial buildings can be seen in Georgetown. The Cathedral in Georgetown is said to be one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world.

Georgetown is also the location of a traditional Amerindian building, known as the Umana Yana - the meeting place of the people. The Umana Yana, built for a meeting of Foreign Ministers, is a conical palm thatched structure, fifty five feet high and four hundred and sixty square metres in area.

The population of Guyana was estimated at 773,000 in 2018.

Languages spoken in Guyana are English, Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi and Urdu.

Over half of the people are Christians, a significant percentage are Hindus and a number are Muslims.

Guyanese cuisine reflects the diversity of the population.

Cassava bread and pepperpot stew are Amerindian specialities; metagge (vegetable dumplings) is an African contribution; curries and rotis were introduced by East Indians; chow mein is a Chinese dish; the recipe for garlic pork was brought to Guyana by the Portuguese.

A favourite meal is rice is eaten with beans, vegetables and chicken or other meat. Shellfish and fish, such as snapper, are also part of the diet.

Vegetables include dasheen, peppers, plantain, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

Fruits grown are bananas, coconuts, guavas, mangoes, oranges, papayas, passion fruits, pineapples, sapodillas and water melons.

A popular soft drink, known as mauby, is made from the bark of a tree. Beer (Banks) and rum are produced locally.

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