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Tuesday 18th December
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Posting from Nandasiri Wanninayaka, Sri Lanka (6.1.05)

I am a teacher and few weeks ago I watched the movie Day After Tomorrow with the students at Horizon Academy. We watched horror scenes of huge tornados devastating US cities. But we never expected that a similar thing would happen here in real life. Alas! huge tidal waves did the same thing here in Sri Lanka and we saw how small children were washed away into the sea live on our TV screen!! Unfortunately, we suffered a lot due to less use of technology.

Posting from a pupil in the Netherlands (19.1.05)

How do you think to stop the wars?

Posting from a teacher in the UK (20.1.05)

This is a difficult question. There are wars in so many parts of the world.

I think one of the ways to stop wars in the long term is for people to get to know one another and share resources. A good way to start this is talking to others and exchanging emails through global communication projects. Another way is to find out about other countries and cultures - education about our world and not just our own country.

A good example of global awareness has been seen after the Tsunami. So many ordinary people have donated so much to the survivors of this terrible disaster. Other terrible loss of life has not received such a dramatic public donation as the Tsunami disaster. I think this is not only the part played by the media but the role of travel and communication. I hope we can continue to expand our friendships until we really are a global village. The ordinary people of the world have an important part to play in this.

Posting from a teacher from Ilinois, USA (21.1.05)

I agree that what we do here is one good way to avoid wars. It is most important that we learn to accept each other and value the culture of each country.

We are all the same, but that does not mean that we do everything the same way. By getting to know each other, we can always continue to learn.

Can kids make a difference? Yes! Kids grow up to be the adults who lead the world. I can tell you an example from personal experience. In my country, the US, up until the 1960s was a time when there was much segregation by race. Then things started to change, and kids began to reach out to each other, finding friends who were not the same race. It did make a difference; in many cases, parents even began to see that what the kids were doing was good. Today a person is not judged by color by a majority of the people.

We need now to continue and learn more about others, not to change them, but to change us!

Posting from Amity, Holocaust Remembrance Day (28.1.05)

When I heard about the ceremony in Auschwitz, I was very excitied, because, people continue to remember the evil and terrible thing that the Nazis did to the Jews - they killed in cold blood six million Jews! People must never forget this. My grandfather was a survivor of the Holocaust - he was a Partizan and fought against the Nazis. He hid in the forest of Belarus. One day, the partizans group heard noises outside of the bunker. My grandfather's father, Dov Heiman, who was the leader of the group, went out of the bunker to look for the people who made the noises. He was shot by a Nazi soldier. My grandfather became an orphan. He buried his father in the snow, and took some things from him, that symbolized him: a partizan's spoon - every Partizan had a spoon, that he ate with; some buttons from the shirt - as a souvenir; a mirror and a piece of cloth with blood stains. Nowadays, all of these souvenirs are in my home. I told this sad story to you so that you will remember the story about the Holocaust, and you will never forget.

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