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Global Communication Quiz (1)

1) You can learn many things from the global communication project. For instance, do you know where to find the world's largest single-dish radio telescope? Answer: Puerto Rico.

2) ANZAC Day commemorates the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in both World Wars. What do people in Australia cook to celebrate ANZAC Day? Answer: Biscuits.

3) One school in the project is located on a hill that has a magnificent view of the Bosphorus. Where is this school? Answer: Turkey.

4) Naruko is the name for clackers made of wood. Where are clackers used in dances? Answer: Japan.

5) In the summer we followed the Olympic Torch Relay. The Olympic Flame passed Checkpoint Charlie. Where is Checkpoint Charlie? Answer: Germany.

6) The Olympic Torch Relay passed the International Red Cross building. Where is the Red Cross headquarters? Answer: Switzerland.

7) A partner school is in Azerbaijan, a former member of the USSR. One of the students told us that Azerbaijan is famous for a particular natural resource. What is the resource? Answer: Oil.

8) Where would you find the Summer Palace and the Gate of Heavenly Peace? Answer: China.

9) On 1 May 2004 a teacher from one of the partner countries wrote about joining the EU. Which country was this? Answer: Hungary.

10) An earthquake on 26 December 2003 killed over forty thousand people. Where did this natural disaster take place? Answer: Iran.

11) One pupil wrote that the capital of his country has the same name as the island. It is known as The City of Flowers. Which island is this? Answer: Singapore.

12) Which partner country won the soccer bid for the 2010 World Cup? Answer: South Africa.

13) One of the teachers in the project lives in Ho Chi Minh City. Where is Ho Chi Minh City? Answer: Vietnam.

14) About 35 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr, a black American minister, urged black equality and freedom without violence. He is particularly known for a speech that starts with the following words. Answer: I have a dream.

15) One of the students from the USA told us that the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) had been elected as the Governor of his State. Where does he live? Answer: California.

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